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Bohemian style handcrafted wooden Ash Catcher #1113

Bohemian style handcrafted wooden Ash Catcher #1113

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Bohemian style handcrafted and hand carved , made with natural wood Horizontal Incense holder .
For all type of incense, conus, sticks or candles.

This burner is ideal for the best offerings in your practices.

Each box is made especially for you and designed to meet the Tibetan Buddhist traditions and show your attitude to dharma.

In reality, there are no two identical boxes, everyone gets a little bit different but always high quality so that you can be proud of your attitude. This is one of the best manifestations of your ministry.


It is not a typical Nepal or Indian burner, you will find in any store, that fired after 1 mounth of usage (experienced users know what it is) .

Ideal for long everyday practice and retreats.


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